Sunday selection: NYC photos, women on the road, dirty old London

I’d like to say I’ve done a lot this week, but that would be a lie. I pretty much spent my evenings this week watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt before having a rare and most welcome Friday night out in Shoreditch. Last night I finalised my Woodford Reserve cocktail entry – let me know what continue reading »

Doctor’s Orders: an Old Fashioned recipe

For years gin was my tipple of choice. Gin and Tonics, gin and elderflower cocktails, gin in teacups… I was your walking talking gin-lovin-early-twenty-somethin gin stereotype, and it was great. Then two years ago something magical happened. I discovered bourbon, and I’ve never looked back. Sure, I’ll have a G&T on Christmas Day. Perhaps even continue reading »

Subway maps

One of my favourite Humans of New York posts: “He’s obsessed with the subway maps. We bought him some to hang on his wall, and when we walk in his room, he’ll be studying them. He knows all the stops for all the trains. He loves to ask strangers what stop they’re going to, so continue reading »