Ancient Rome

I feel like I’ve been in love with the idea of Italy my entire life which is why I’m so excited to visit Rome later this month! How excited? Excited enough to create an itinerary. I’m never usually that organised on holiday but when there’s so much to see and do I thought a little structure might continue reading »

Serial podcast

Have you listened to a podcast called Serial? It’s the most addictive real life story. For those of you who haven’t, here’s a little summary: Last year journalist Sarah Koenig started investigating a murder, sharing her findings once a week on a podcast called Serial. She was investigating the 1999 murder of high-school senior Hae continue reading »

Eames exhibition, Barbican prints and Quentin Tarantino

So this is strange. I’m writing this week’s Sunday Selection in front of the Rugby (Australia versus Scotland) and I think… I think I’m enjoying it. After what feels like a lifetime of weekends being dominated by Rugby match after Rugby match I’m actually getting into it. I had a bad cold at the beginning continue reading »