London Life

Sunday was always going to be all about Wimbledon, whether I liked it or not. I’ve never been a huge tennis fan but give me an excuse to make a themed afternoon tea and I’m on board. The match was pretty entertaining plus I got to use my new cake stand, so we’re all winners continue reading »

Sunday Selection

It has been another of those long summer weeks where I’ve been out every night and am just loving every minute of life. Between a birthday dinner at Honey & Co, a bloggers cocktail making workshop courtesy of Accor Hotels and a leisurely lunch over London at Duck & Waffle, I’ve never been so well continue reading »

Will Self on Skyscrapers

“When it comes to skyscrapers I am, in the proper sense of the word, ambivalent: I hate them for all the obvious reasons – sometimes a cigar may be just a cigar, but a skyscraper is always a big swaying dick vaunting the ambitions of late capitalism to reduce the human individual to the status continue reading »

London Life

As much as I love London, this was one of those weekends that made me wish I lived somewhere warmer, like Los Angeles or Istanbul. Every time I leave home I’m lugging around extra layers, a scarf and an umbrella just in case the beautiful warm weather changes its mind suddenly and we’re plunged into grey continue reading »