Sunday selection: photography competition, Alaska and a love letter to London

Yesterday I truly geeked out at the Mapping the City exhibition at Somerset House, so much so that you’re getting a full on review this week. Then, because it’s January and nobody seems to have any money, we spent our fourth consecutive Saturday night in watching House of Cards. Stuff is actually going to happen continue reading »

Strawberry tequila cocktail recipe

Dry January didn’t last very long. Last Friday night I just needed to get creative in the kitchen and ended up making a Strawberry Tequila fizz. There was a small amount of champagne leftover which had lost most of it’s fizz that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away, and a handful of almost gone continue reading »

Clarion Alley street art in Mission, San Francisco

We’d heard through friends that Mission District was the place to be in San Francisco. I’m always apprehensive when people recommend trendy areas to visit as they often don’t live up to expectations, but Mission District really is a fun place to visit. There are some good vintage shops, loads of great bars and plenty continue reading »

Tech Tuesday: An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media

If you work in social media and haven’t read Andrew Watts’ A Teenager’s View on Social Media, where have you been?! Every Community Manager group I’m part of has been sharing this and although I read it with interest, I share many of the views “Old Fogey” shares in his response to the original post, continue reading »


Adverts for Birdman are plastered all over the underground. The way it was marketed appealed to me in every way. The reviews were plentiful and overwhelmingly positive, so at the weekend we headed off to the Barbican to see it. 1) The Barbican cinema is my new favourite place to watch a film. 2) I continue reading »