​​The Botanist Wild Cherry cocktail

The Friday Night Cocktail is back! It’s been a while but I promise this week’s offering is a good one.

I can make such a lofty promise because I didn’t create this cocktail myself… this week’s cocktail is a yummy little number that the clever people behind The Botanist gin created.

The Botanist is a new gin that is handcrafted on the Island of Islay. Yes, really. That little island may be more famous for its whiskey but it’s turning out some really decent gin too.

Funny story – apparently nearly everyone who lives on Islay works for a distillery. An insider tells me that nobody has ever gotten together sober on the island! Post work Friday night drinks must be on another level.

Back to the gin… the Botanist is made with 31 botanicals, including 22 hand-foraged botanicals from Islay. I’d never usually list a bunch of botanicals in a Friday Night Cocktail post but just look at this list! Apple mint, chamomile, creeping thistle, downy birch, elder, gorse, hawthorn, heather, juniper, lady’s bedstraw, lemon balm, meadowsweet, mugwort, red clover, spear mint, sweet cicely, bog myrtle, tansy, water mint, white clover, wild thyme and wood sage. It’s bringing back memories of the gin and making me giggle at the same time – bog myrtle and lady’s bedstraw have to be two of the best names of all time.

The Botanist Wild Cherry cocktail


25ml The Botanist infused lavender, rosemary, long peppercorn and pink peppercorn

17.5ml The Botanist Gin

15ml elderflower cordial

½ lemon juice

4 x black cherries, muddled

Top up with ginger ale.

Garnish with a single mint leaf and one black cherry and enjoy.

Although there are a fair few ingredients in this cocktail, the ingredients enhance the flavour of the gin rather than hiding it. I think you can test the quality of a gin best through a simple gin and tonic, and the Botanist certainly makes a delicious one of those.

Have a great weekend!

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