10 things I love about Glastonbury Festival

1) The perfect pitch20140624-203131-73891432.jpg

2) Creative politics

3) Fantastic food and the cutest little places to eat, like this place near the Park Stage

4) That one time I got a press pass, drank tequila with some people who knew some person in some band, got to use clean flushing toilets and showered every day

5) Has recycling ever looked so tempting?

6) The magic, peace, solitude, craziness and creativity of the Green Fields

7) Fancy dress

8) Friends and sunshine, what more could you want?

9) Laughter yoga. If everyone started their day with laughter yoga the world would be a better place.

10) Shangri-La, where anything goes. Day or night there’s just nothing like it.

Other things I love about Glastonbury:

  • The food – especially the jerk chicken
  • Trash city
  • Crashing out in the shade under the tree near the pyramid stage
  • The excitement of getting the programme and circling every act you want to see, just like with the Radio Times at Christmas
  • Escaping the heat in the comedy tent
  • Escaping the heat in the spoken word tent
  • Random arts and crafts activities around the site

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