A bright future for England?

I don’t pretend that this blog is anything other than pretty pictures and talk of food, but with the attention of the world once again focused on England I thought I’d share something to do with the Royal baby and life in England that I read today in the Guardian.

Emily Harle at Left Foot Forward writes a powerful piece projecting the futures of the other 2,000 babies born on 22 July 2013. While the media will scrutinise the new prince, these children will be monitored by the NHS and social services, but not all will be protected, she writes.

226 children of the 2,000 will live in overcrowded, temporary or run down housing and eleven will be homeless.

A shocking 540 children will live in poverty, with 290 of this group experiencing poverty despite having one parent that works.

We should maintain and improve—not cut—the services that children need, from help during their early years right through to careers advice and youth services. It is these services that will help to determine the paths of each of the 2,000 children born in the UK on 22 July 2013.

If this is true, I’m not sure where England will be by the time that little baby boy takes to the throne.

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