A History of New York in 50 Objects

I romanticise New York all out of proportion. So much so that I dedicated a large chunk of my studies to the city as it fascinates and excites me. When I was younger there was no where else that I wanted to live.

As I’ve grown older and wiser my love for the city has started to fade. I’d like to visit again, but it is no longer at the top of my list. As for living there… well, I think London is more suited to my tastes. Which is just as well as I love my life in London and why risk trading that for the fantasy of a place I barely know?

Anyway, romanticism aside, I found this History of New York in 50 Objects in my bookmarks and thought I would share.

From the Mastodon Tusk (11,000 B.C.) to the Bagel (early 1900s) and the Levittown House (1947) this is a must-read for anyone interested in cities.

Which of the objects do you think screams ‘New York’ the loudest?

2 thoughts on “A History of New York in 50 Objects

  1. Suz

    I lived in NYC as a child and moved away when I was 11. I return again and again to see it evolving and shifting as cities always do. Each city’s subway system has a different feel, and, in my experience, the NYC subway system has a vibe all its own. In addition, my siblings and I have an extreme fondness for Gino’s Italian ices (enjoyed immensely on hot, humid summer days), which have not been found anywhere else.


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