After visiting VOC for cocktails (much earlier this year!) we popped across to Camino to tuck into tapas and drink some sherry.

We opted for a small carafe of sherry and it was much nicer than the Bergamot Grog I had next door.

I’d never been to Camino before but it had been on my agenda for a while. I’ve since gone back a number of times; Kings Cross is an ideal halfway meeting point for some of my friends so when we want an easy Saturday night catch-up we’ll often head here.

Tapas tends to be expensive and disappointing in London once you’ve experienced the real deal in Spain, but Camino is a welcome change and a great addition to the Kings Cross restaurant scene. That night we shared six dishes, including my favourite Mahón frito (cow cheese fritters with tomato jam) and left pleasantly full.

Tapas is for sharing and every time I have been I have been in the presence of a vegetarian, so although I can’t comment on the meat they do have a good choice of vegetarian options which is always nice to see. Just like in Barcelona I didn’t miss the meat as the vegetarian options were delicious in their own right. The Crema Catalan is almost as good as Pizarro’s which is as good a sign as any.

Tapas never works out cheap but it was a reasonable price for a lovely meal. Six dishes between two is enough, but you can always add to that throughout the night if there are too many things on the menu that you fancy.

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