Caravan, Exmouth Market

On Saturday morning I met a friend for brunch at Caravan. It’s a great little place in Exmouth Market and the menu features a take on the classic fry-up as well as a few unusual goodies. I had never been before but it lived up to the positive reviews I have heard – plus the sun was shining so we got to eat outside.

No pictures as I’m still a little self-conscious about getting my camera out at the dinner table, but my friend had the fry-up (two friend eggs, bacon, roast tomatoes and soy mushrooms on sourdough toast) and I tucked into a mackerel, potato and roasted tomato omelette with saffron aioli. Our verdict? Delicious, and really filling. We spent the rest of the day walking around town, trying to work it off.

I’m starting to become a coffee snob, visibly turning my nose up after a sip of coffee from a certain high street chain. I never used to be like this, but I’ve had a lot of great coffee recently and you start to notice the difference. The flat white at Caravan though was pretty good. In fact, one of the best I’ve had recently.

Two plates from the brunch menu, 2 pots of English breakfast tea, a fresh mint tea, a flat white and service came to just over £30. That is pretty pricey – but for London it came as no surprise. The food was delicious and the staff were great, and if I worked nearby I’m sure I would be a regular visitor.

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