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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Have you seen Tina Fey’s latest television show? It’s called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it’s the funniest programme I’ve watched since 30 Rock.

I’m a huge Tina Fey fan so when I saw this show pop up on Netflix I had to watch it. It’s about a woman called Kimmy Schmidt who moves to New York after being rescued from a cult.

What I love most about the show is how it’s funny and clever at the same time. There are elements of cringe-worthy slapstick humour interspersed with some seriously witty commentary.

Have you seen it? You can watch the trailer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt here:

Let me know what you think!

Safety Not Guaranteed


Have you seen the film Safety Not Guaranteed? I saw it in the cinema when it was released a few years ago and watched again this week on Netflix.

It’s a lovely film that makes me cry because it’s a film about people and kindness and it’s really heart-warming and stuff like that gets me every time. It has one my favourites quotes about music and songs too:

It’s that time and that place and that song, and you remember what it was like when you were in that place. And then you listen to that song, and you know you’re not in that place anymore, and it makes you feel hollow. You can’t just go find that stuff again.

When I’m listening to music alone I’m either fantasising about the future or feeling hollow thinking about the past.

When I listen to music alone it’s never about the present.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Last night I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey with a friend. Well I had to go and see it, didn’t I? I can’t pass judgement on something I haven’t seen. Thoughts:

  • Loved the sly reference to Jamie Dornan’s previous acting role as a serial killer in The Fall
  • The cinema was only half full on opening day
  • Anastasia had leg hair and I think even hair down there. Now I know the film isn’t feminism 101 but at least it didn’t feature a mannequin.
  • I laughed and cringed a lot; there was no chemistry and every conversation in the film was stilted
  • Whenever I think of Dakota Johnson I think of Melanie Griffin with the lions

P.S. Why you should put down that copy of Fifty Shades of Grey



Adverts for Birdman are plastered all over the underground. The way it was marketed appealed to me in every way. The reviews were plentiful and overwhelmingly positive, so at the weekend we headed off to the Barbican to see it.

1) The Barbican cinema is my new favourite place to watch a film.
2) I thought Birdman was excellent. Clever, and extremely well acted.
3) I enjoyed watching it, but I’m not sure I really liked it.
4) Paddington Bear was better.