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I had a huge surprise on Monday morning when an iPad was placed in my hands. It was insanely exciting and I’m still enjoying just looking at it. Such a beautiful piece of kit.

That said, I’m not quite the Mac geek that I once was, and it turns out I don’t know that much about technology any more. So any tips on how to get the most from my shiny new toy?

Excuse the photo, it’s pretty irrelevant and just me desperately trying out the camera while I wait for dinner to cook. But since its there, why not give it a listen? The Band rock.

The Scottish Widow

Have you heard of the Scottish Widows? If you are UK based you have probably seen her figure grace your screen at some stage or another.

I was at a conference yesterday and one of the speakers is a former Scottish Widows employee. He spoke about the importance of market research, and used Scottish Widows as one of his examples. He also let something rather interesting slip…

Although the Scottish Widow changes from time to time, certain things about the new ‘Widow’ always remain the same.

The Scottish Widow is ALWAYS 5’11”, ALWAYS has size 7 feet and ALWAYS has a 34C bra size.

Interesting, huh?

Copywriter vs. Art Director

I’ve been in love with Paris versus New York for a while. And as I have mentioned previously, design is a growing interest of mine. For many years words were all I cared about, but a chance experience has led me to value and appreciate design in a way I never could have anticipated.

Based on Paris versus New York and with the content a little closer to my heart, make sure you check out Copywriter vs. Art Director. Are you a copywriter or an art director? Do you think they are just stereotypes? Does it matter?

Paris vs NYC

Copywriter vs Art Director

Identify Fonts by Appearance

Typography is a growing interest of mine, and I stumbled across Identifont’s ‘search by appearance’ functionality today. I have tried it with a few fonts and the results have been accurate.

It asks you a series of questions, and I found I had to zoom in a lot of my screen to answer some of them. It’s like a quiz for font-loving folk…

A nice, simple and (relatively) quick way of identifying a font.