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Sunday Selection: Las Vegas

motel las vegas

I had no desire to visit Las Vegas. I hate gambling and I’m not in to that excessive lifestyle. Then my friend suggested we drive to Vegas for a weekend whilst we were in California… and it seemed like the best idea in the world.

Here’s a few interesting reads about Las Vegas / Nevada:


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Sunday Selection: Los Angeles

venice beach los angeles

In a little while I’ll be flying to Los Angeles! I’m looking forward to touching down in the City of Angels and exploring what the area has to offer. I’ve never had a burning desire to visit LA but the more I read about the city the more I want to see and do. Blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere have shown me that there’s more to being a local than a desire to work in the film industry and I’m totally addicted to Curbed’s LA mansion tours.

Like New York, Los Angeles is a city I have learnt about and experienced through film and television. From The OC to Californication I’ve always wondered whether the reality lives up to the fantasy.

Popular opinion states you need a car to get around LA, but we will be exploring the city how we explore London; on foot and by public transport. Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks we’re mad, but then everyone I’ve spoken to doesn’t spend much time on foot or on public transportation in the UK either. I’ve done a bit of research and it seems LA is more accessible by public transport than ever before, so I’m hopeful we will get around just fine.

For now I’ll leave you with a few interesting articles about Los Angeles that I’ve read recently:

  • A fun push to highlight that the LA metro system has the second best transit coverage in the nation
  • Restaurants like AXE make me think I’m going to love LA (we’ll save the burgers for Vegas)
  • How the Mojo Robot created a place a fun public space in Los Angeles
  • Political street art in LA
  • Guess what I’ll be doing in LA? A ‘Clueless’ map guide to Los Angeles

As ever, any tips about what to do in LA (or California in general) would be most welcome. Thanks for all your suggestions so far!

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At the end of October I’m taking a trip to California. It’s the first time I’ve been and I’ll be spending time in Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

If you’ve been I’d LOVE to hear your recommendations. From hotels to hostels, restaurants to food trucks, galleries to off the beaten track activities I am desperate for your suggestions.

The only thing currently set in stone is my iPod playlist…

Five reasons to visit Bruges

visit Bruges
Bruges is an unspoilt medieval town in Belgium that’s often referred to as the Venice of the North. Cobbled streets, medieval buildings and canals are all great reasons to visit Bruges, but the city has much more to offer than you’d expect.

Why you should totally visit Bruges

Just as Guinness tastes better in Dublin, beer tastes better in Bruges. The De Halve Maan brewery is worth visiting at the beginning of your trip; you’ll learn all about how local beers are produced and it will help you navigate the extensive beer lists at every pub, bar and restaurant in the city.

Unlike many other historic cities in Europe, no bombs fell on Bruges during either of the two world wars. The entire city is a UNESCO world heritage site and there are medieval buildings to greet you at every turn.

Secret Bruges
Residential Bruges to the locals, although it’s mere minutes from the central squares. This area is home to the historic Jerusalem Chapel as well as a number of start-up trendy restaurants and design firms. You’ll also find the windmills here and a few nice pubs.

The people
Everyone I spoke to in Bruges was friendly, helpful and welcoming. We were in Bruges the night Belgium lost to Argentina in the World Cup and watched the match with locals on a big outdoor screen in the centre of town. The atmosphere was fantastic and despite losing I didn’t see any animosity or fights brewing.

The city is always full of tourists which would drive me crazy (all us people slowly wandering around, looking up and posing for photos by the canal) but the Belgians seem to embrace it. They’re brilliant fun and genuinely want to help you make the most of their city.

I love the water, whether that’s the sea, a lake or a canal. So I bloody loved Bruges. The canal network winds round the city and the bridges are as old and as picturesque as you’d imagine. Bruges might be described as the Venice of the North, but it reckon it’s Venice that’s the Bruges of the South.

Have you had a chance to visit Bruges? I was surprised by how much I loved it!

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