Christmas Eve rituals

christmas eve rituals

On Christmas Eve you’ll find me and my family in the living room with a cheese plate and plenty of red wine for company. We might play cards or put a funny DVD on, and laugh ourselves silly until we are fully relaxed. Then it’s an early night for me in festive pyjamas so I can wake up early in the morning.

I love a good tradition and once had a friend whose Christmas Eve ritual included receiving a special gift pack from her parents on the 24th. It contained the same stuff each year including chocolate, pyjamas and a new toothbrush which I thought was adorable! I also love the Icelandic tradition of giving everyone in your household a new book on Christmas Eve that A Cup of Jo shared recently. I can’t think of anything nicer than curling up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a new book (preferably with snow falling outside!).

I love hearing about Christmas Eve rituals and traditions. What do you get up to? Do you go out clubbing every year with friends or are you a homebody like me?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve rituals

  1. thewellbeingadventure1

    I love the idea of a new book too (I think I’ll be suggesting that to my family this year!).
    We normally do some form of takeaway meal with plenty of dishes that we all share and Christmas music and conversation, no TV, just family time.
    Jenny x

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