Courgetti recipe with tomato sauce

Courgetti recipe with tomato sauce

The worst thing about Passover is that you can’t eat pasta. And I love pasta. It’s quick and easy to make (you know I’m obsessed with one dish 30 minute meals) and it always tastes good. It’s one of those ingredients you can’t mess up, no matter how hard you try!

The other good thing about pasta is how versatile it is. In winter it’s great with a heavy bolognaise, and in summer I like to make a smaller portion with lemon, rocket and roasted tomatoes.

The fact I can’t rely on this staple at Passover kills me. Two days in I’m sick of meat, I’m sick of potatoes and I’m sick of matzah. So what’s a hangry girl to do? Make courgetti of course!

I’ve put together a little courgetti FAQ for any courgetti newbies…

Courgetti FAQ

What is courgetti?

Courgetti is courgette spiralised to look like strands of spaghetti.

Is courgetti kosher for Passover?

Courgetti is kosher for Passover. The only ingredient is courgette.

Do I need a spiraliser to make courgetti?

No, you don’t need a spiraliser to make courgetti. I bought a small one for eight dollars when I was in California and it has made making courgetti easier, but you can do it yourself with a standard peeler.

If you have any other courgetti questions leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with an answer!

Now for my favourite courgetti recipe – courgetti with tomato sauce.

Courgetti recipe with tomato sauce

Serves two. Double or triple the recipe as needed.

Three courgettes
One tin of tomatoes
One onion
Garlic clove
Anchovies (optional)
Grated cheese (optional)

Spiralise three courgettes. Set aside.

In a frying pan gently fry one chopped onion until soft. Add garlic and chopped anchovies if using. After a minute add the tin of chopped tomatoes to the pan and leave on the heat until the tomatoes reduce. Add any fresh or dried herbs you’d like to include (I love fresh basil).

In another pan heat a splash of oil over a high heat. Add the courgettes and gently stir for two minutes. You want to warm the courgettes, not make them soggy.

Put the courgetti in a bowl and pour the tomato sauce on top. Serve with grated cheese on top, if you’d like.

Other courgetti recipes

Courgetti is extremely versatile and you could make lots of different toppings. You could make a tomato and tuna sauce, use courgetti instead of spaghetti to make this avocado spaghetti recipe or top with your favourite bolognaise recipe instead.


P.S. You might like this kosher for Passover sweet potato burger recipe too. And you should break your pastry fast with this London cheesecake recipe!

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