Disclaimer: this page is more ‘questions I wish people would frequently ask’ than frequently asked questions.

Q. Why do you blog about London?
A. I used to like writing and blogging was a way for me to write daily. I’ve always loved London and since I started wandering around town in my very early teens I’ve wanted to share the opportunities on offer in the city with others.

Q. What are your favourite blogs?
A. My blog reader is constantly growing and I read hundreds of blogs a week. From beauty blogs to transport blogs I have many favourites – my blogroll will be up soon.

Q. What is your favourite song?
A. Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks. I’m not just saying that because this is a blog about London – although the reasons why I blog about London probably overlap with why this is my favourite song.

Q. How did you get a Blue Peter badge?
A. Dubious means, but it wasn’t from ebay. I have some standards.

Q. What camera do you use?
A. My phone, it’s an HTC*

*Nobody has ever asked me ‘what camera do you use’ – have you seen the state of my pictures?

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