Herbal teas and some scary facts about your coffee

A few weeks ago I was sent some herbal teas to try from Higher Living. The peppermint is delicious and naturally caffeine free, although I must admit I haven’t yet found the courage to try the Sweet Chilli tea – any volunteers?!

As is the norm with PR samples, I received a press release from Higher Living a few days ago following up our initial contact. I’ve never copied a press release before (I usually delete them and wonder why on earth a PR thinks I’m interested in writing about fake tan) but their follow up email contained some facts I feel like I have to share. I know a lot of people who will be shocked how many calories they drink without realising in a day.

High calorie drinks

1. Starbucks large peppermint mocha with whipped cream – 730 calories

2. Caffe Nero white chocolate mocha – 624 calories: equivalent to 2 x pain au chocolat

3. Costa Coffee hazelnut latte with semi skimmed milk – 599 calories: equivalent to six Chicken McNuggets and a Coke

4. Starbucks Grande signature hot chocolate with whole milk – 556 calories: equivalent to a large chicken and bacon baguette with mayonnaise

6. Starbucks Venti strawberries and cream frappucino with whipped cream – 459 calories

7. Caffe Nero whole milk caramel frappe latte – 455 calories: equivalent to a large glass of white wine and some pretzels

8. Starbucks whole milk mocha frappuccino with whipped cream: 532 calories

9. Costa coffee whole milk vanilla latte – 364 calories: equivalent to a Greggs cheese and onion

10. Starbucks whole milk caramel macchiato – 337 calories: equivalent to a pint of beer and bag of ready salted crisps

Obviously drinking whole milk means you consume more calories than if you chose skimmed, but the scary thing is the calories and rubbish that go into the syrups. I rarely buy coffee with syrup (if it is good coffee, why mask the taste?) and this list just sums up why.

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