Ilumi dairy and gluten free fast food

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first bloggers event in a while at La Cucina Caldesi, a cookery school in Marylebone in Central London. Several London and food bloggers were invited to a cookery demonstration and dinner that showcased the gluten, dairy and nut free food produced by new brand Ilumi.

La Cucina Caldesi

plants and candle on windowsill

The highlight for me was meeting lots of new bloggers. I’m not part of the foodie circuit, let alone the gluten free one, so it was lovely to discover some new blogs. As I was one of the only people there who wasn’t gluten free it was also quite an eye-opening experience. I have friends and family who are intolerant to gluten and it really helped me understand the challenges they face in their own kitchens and when they are out at restaurants.

London and food bloggers

After a couple of glasses of wine the Marketing Director at Ilumi introduced himself and talked about the products. We then heard from other members of the Ilumi team about the production process before receiving a cookery demonstration.

On the night we ate Tom Kha Gai soup and gluten free spaghetti with meatballs, followed by a chocolate brownie from Knead Bakery and the most delicious ice cream I think I’ve ever had (and it was dairy free. And from Waitrose. I need to go stock up).

The soup was tasty but too high in calories for me. I don’t count calories but I do use them as a guide; on a daily basis, I’d rather not consume 350 in one bowl of soup. As for the spaghetti, I couldn’t taste the difference between normal and gluten free which can only be a good thing!

I’ve been sent a couple of their packaged foods to try and I’m keen to dig into them next week at work. As I said I’m not gluten free, but I am a fan of the ingredients they use in their food. The packaging contains a list of every ingredient which really appeals to me and the salt content is minimal which is important to me.

Ilumi bloggers event

Photos courtesy of Mel Kirk. Photos were one of the topics we spoke a lot about on the night and the consensus was taking your own is always best. However I’m a rubbish photographer – I don’t even own a camera – and my blog posts don’t always require photos. That said I would like to start taking some of my own photos so if anyone can recommend a photography class in London (and anywhere I can get my hands on a cheap camera!) I would be very grateful.

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