Life in London

I’ve had a great week in London. It ended on a high with a fantastic day at work on Friday followed by celebratory drinks, a Saturday afternoon catching up with good friends in London, a quiet Saturday night playing cards at home and a Sunday spent south of the river in Bermondsey (really regretting not visiting Pizarro again now!).

It feels so good to get out and about in the city again, just in time for summer. I may have overdone it a little this week as my leg really aches, but I couldn’t help myself. I have so much to catch up on. I’ll take it easy this week but when I was sofa-bound I promised myself that I’ll say yes to every opportunity that comes my way – and I’m not forgetting that promise in a hurry.

Here are a few photos from my week:

20140622-202330-73410508.jpg 20140622-202330-73410426.jpg

Loving my five year journal – I’ve been filling it in religiously on a daily basis; tackling the make-up drawer and having a good clear out. The first eyeshadow I ever bought? Bye bye.

20140622-202330-73410550.jpg 20140622-202330-73410369.jpg

Can you miss a station? Because I really missed Blackfriars and the view from the Northbank entrance; the cutest bag for Father’s Day.

20140622-202330-73410591.jpg 20140622-202330-73410471.jpg

Lazy afternoon drinking Pimms with friends; tackling an epic list of stuff to do at work and drinking far too much coffee from my favourite mug (although it’s impossible to keep calm when you’re a Spurs fan).

20140622-202330-73410635.jpg 20140622-202330-73410675.jpg

Playing Kalooki on Saturday night (this hand even produced my first ever Kalooki!); getting up to no good in a gallery on Sunday.

Have a great week, Carla

10 thoughts on “Life in London

  1. lozzie

    Cannot help but be so patriotic for our beautiful city!
    Ive wanted one of those journals for ages! the only place ive seen them in the uk is ebay. Do you mind telling me where you brought yours? many thanks xx


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