London’s best and worst tube stations

london worst tube stationInspired by this Reddit post, I’ve been thinking about London’s best and worst tube stations.

London’s best tube station

I had to really think about this one. After all, what makes a tube station great? Is it the architecture? The connections?

To decide I answered the ‘London’s worst tube station’ question first. I decided that I should mirror the attributes that make a station bad with those that make a station good.

With that in mind, my favourite station is Chorleywood train station. Technically it’s not in London, but it is on the Underground! It’s overground, easy to navigate and (almost) a pleasure to wait 30 minutes for a train. The staff keep it well maintained and there are loads of trees and plants in every direction you look.

London’s worst tube station

Without a doubt, I consider Bank to be London’s worst tube station. It’s claustrophobic, the gap between the train and the platform is huge and the interchange is sheer hell.

Although just to get it all off my chest, the interchange at Green Park is no fun either.

So – what do you think are London’s best and worst stations? Share the love / angst.

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