London Life

As much as I love London, this was one of those weekends that made me wish I lived somewhere warmer, like Los Angeles or Istanbul. Every time I leave home I’m lugging around extra layers, a scarf and an umbrella just in case the beautiful warm weather changes its mind suddenly and we’re plunged into grey darkness and treated to a hearty rainfall.

It’s making me act like a bit of a hermit too. When the sun is hiding, we stay at home with Friday Night Cocktails.

gin and tonic

This week we kept it simple with a Gin and Tonic in my favourite Habitat glass (you can’t quite see the shape of the glass, but it’s angular and holds a lot of gin) and a Gin Martini (served in a champagne saucer, because, priorities). Sitting pretty on our bread-shaped bread board as we are yet to invest in that all essential slate or marble slab that every blogger seems to own (other things we’ve yet to purchase include a toaster and a television so the slabs are going to be a while).

After a Friday night in I met friends for High Brunch at Soho Hotel for (you guessed it) brunch on Saturday morning.
high brunch soho hotelMini eggs royale, spinach and goats cheese croissants, fruit pots, french toast, granola and muffins served on a cake stand and devoured in its entirety by yours truly and Katie, my partner in brunch crime.

After three hours of eating, gossiping and pondering the merits of whether anybody would find our weird conversations more entertaining than Made in Chelsea we hopped on the tube down to Embankment. We promptly had a quick wander around a small market and settled down to enjoy the sun over a glass of wine before working that off with a walk over the bridge and a meander down Southbank.


southbank skateparkInstagram always at the ready, I snapped this photo of a skateboarder who almost inspired us to don helmets and knee pads and join the party. After considering the prospect for all of two seconds we decided to leave the experts to it.

Sunday has no photos because, you know, rain. Any tips for what to do in London in the rain? I’m obviously in need of some inspiration!


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