My first Christmas tree

Growing up we never celebrated Christmas or had a Christmas tree. Then one day I grew up, went off to University and discovered a brilliant holiday!

I took that enthusiasm home and slowly but surely we started to celebrate Christmas. One year my parents surprised us with stockings. Another year we hung fairy lights. But we never had a Christmas tree.

Then this year, once I grew up a little more and moved into my own home, I decided it was time to get my first Christmas tree. I’ve literally been counting down the days since we moved in.

Our living room is decorated in cool blue and grey tones so we chose cool white LED lights over warmer gold ones. Alex topped the tree with a Santa hat he got at a Christmas party and then I got to work with the baubles…


The first bauble I bought was a miniature version of the iconic red telephone box. Dusted with snow it just screamed traditional English Christmas.


Whilst visiting all seven Christmas markets in Cologne I spent an insane amount of time browsing the bauble stalls. There were thousands of options but I was especially drawn to the delicate glass baubles. I bought a couple of a few different varieties and they catch the light beautifully.


This glass icicle was another Cologne Christmas market find. I bought several of these to dangle off the end of branches.


Growing up my grandparents had the most wonderful Westie dog that I loved, so I couldn’t resist this adorable bauble when I spotted him in Marks and Spencer back in November.

So there we have it – my first Christmas tree! I have to admit that decorating a tree is a lot harder than I imagined. It’s really tough to get the spacing right with the baubles for starters, so if you have any tips about how to decorate a Christmas tree be sure to let me know!

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