Notting Hill, London

Notting Hill, London

Now unlike Kensington, Notting Hill IS one of my favourite areas of London. I have many happy memories visiting ‘the place Bedknobs and Broomsticks was filmed’. It is home to two of my favourite independent bookshops, has some great charity shops and is a dream to walk around.

This is a classic Notting Hill image and I think, after years of deliberation, I can say with a degree of certainty that it is one of these homes that I would like to live. Here, or that road in Primrose Hill that Sylvia Plath once lived (actually, she lived in two homes in Primrose Hill, but I’m not fussy). Either way, there would be a strong literary connection – George Orwell lived on this street in Notting Hill at one stage too.

Notting Hill, London

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    I love Notting Hill too. I just recently blogged about the Coronet – a piece of NH history – if you haven’t been there but like the area you may want to check it out.
    All the best.


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