Pinterest Finds: Home Libraries

Hey, it might not be every girl’s dream to have a home library, but it sure is one of mine. A room full of books, with comfy reading chairs in the corners and an old, sturdy desk in the centre of the room for hardcore research. In my library I also picture a record player with a stack of vinyls towering up from the floor. There would be a globe on the desk and a large window overlooking… something. Haven’t quite figured that part of the fantasy out yet…

Here are a few Pinterest home library finds to inspire you, but if you had a home library what would it be like? Old fashioned with a musty smell? Modern and minimal with lots of light?

Source: via Carla on Pinterest

Source: via Carla on Pinterest

7 thoughts on “Pinterest Finds: Home Libraries

  1. More Than Greens

    Sigh. I desperately want a home library when I ‘grow up’. Mine would be floor-to-ceiling, set in old, dark timber and have sliding ladders and hidden doors. Oh and there would be a bay window seat for me to sit in and read. I can dream…

  2. Suz

    Oh, me too. Me too!!! Fabulous, inspiring finds. Must get my own books that no longer fit in the bookshelves I have off the floor and into some new beautiful bookshelves!

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