Most popular: London is for Living

london is for living blog I do love a good retrospective, so like everyone else in blogland I thought I’d do a round-up of the most popular London is for Living blog posts this year. I’m just behind the times and posting in 2015…

I loved taking a look at the most popular posts and I’m really pleased that some of my favourite posts to write have been the most read, which is always rather lovely to see.

1) A day in the life of a London writer

2) Baby on board badge

3) A day in the life of a London banker

4) A day in the life of a London civil servant

5) Pret-a-Portea

6) Passover sweet potato burgers recipe

7) Epping Forest

8) How to throw a Girls themed screening party

9) Einstein’s Riddle

10) The New Yorker Magazine beach towels

I’m really thrilled that the ‘A day in the life’ series was so popular. I’d love to do another run of it this year, so if you’re interested in talking to me about your London day job please get in touch.

Thanks for reading and have a great 2015.

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