Pulp Fiction in chronological order [infographic]

Pulp Fiction is probably my favourite film of all time. I first saw it aged 12 (just don’t tell my mum) and it was a great introduction to the world of film. I might not have understood everything, but it opened my eyes to Tarantino’s brand of clever artistry and got me wanting more from the television and film I consumed.

I’ve watched it roughly once a year since and every time I watch it I gain something new. I came across this Pulp Fiction in chronological order infographic recently and I didn’t know whether to share… I think it could take some of the pleasure away. If you are yet to watch the film avert your eyes; bookmark the infographic and only come back to it once you’ve watched Pulp Fiction a handful of times.

Pulp Fiction in chronological order infographic


2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction in chronological order [infographic]

  1. Josie Copson

    I love Pulp Fiction, I first watched it in AS Film Studies and we discussed whether the film would be anywhere near as good if it weren’t for how jumbled it is, I don’t think so!!



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