Quiz: where in Britain would you be happiest?

As you know, I’m kind of obsessed with London. However from time to time I wonder if it’s the best place for me to live. Realistically I know I’m going to be here forever, but when I saw a quiz this morning that said it could determine where in Britain I would be happiest living, I had to take it and find out.

According to the quiz I have high levels of openness and extraversion, medium levels of conscientiousness and neuroticism and a low level of agreeableness. Now I’m not sure the quiz really understood me… I’m definitely not an extravert and I’d say I’m rather agreeable! Or perhaps that’s just the neuroticism talking.

With these traits the place I’d be happiest living in Britain is Oxford apparently. Aside from being home to the best tomato soup it’s also a historic and cultural city that I happen to really like. I’d have 72% life satisfaction there which sounds good – but I’d say my life satisfaction in London is even higher right now!

The worst place for me to live in Britain would be Eilean Siar in the Outer Hebrides. However with 58% life satisfaction that’s not too shabby either.

Over to you: where in Britain would you be happiest? Take the quiz here.

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