Strawberry and mint champagne cocktail recipe


We’ve spoken before about champagne cocktails. You know I’m not a fan. I mean, why waste perfectly good champagne in a mix?

But with all rules there’s always an exception. And the exception to never using champagne in a cocktail is when it’s a day or two old and there’s just a tad left. I’m a thrifty one with a love of repurposing and I can assure you this is one tasty way to avoid champagne waste.

Today I’m sharing a strawberry and mint champagne cocktail recipe. It’s fresh, summery and just a bit sweet. Full credit goes to my friend May who casually shared this simple concoction with me over lunch a few weeks ago.

Strawberry and mint champagne cocktail recipe


Leftover champagne
Lots of strawberries
Fresh mint leaves


Wash the strawberries. Use a mini sieve to squeeze the strawberry juice through to a jar.

Put two teaspoons of strawberry juice into each champagne glass with a sprig of mint. Top with chilled champagne and garnish with a strawberry.

No champagne on hand? Feel free to swap champagne for sparkling wine or Cava.

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