Strawberry tequila cocktail recipe

strawberry tequila cocktail recipe

Dry January didn’t last very long. Last Friday night I just needed to get creative in the kitchen and ended up making a Strawberry Tequila fizz. There was a small amount of champagne leftover which had lost most of it’s fizz that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away, and a handful of almost gone strawberries that needed to be used up. Add a bit of lime and the last drop of tequila taking up space in the cupboard and ta-dah, the perfect ingredients for this strawberry tequila fizz cocktail recipe.

After three weeks of no alcohol, only the odd cup of tea and lots of water I craved something with colour and flavour. This ticked the colour and flavour boxes and I savoured it more than ever. The Friday night cocktail service has resumed.

I used champagne, but prosecco or sparkling wine will do the job too. I wouldn’t buy a bottle of anything sparkling especially for this recipe, unless you love this recipe so much and want to make it en masse for a party. Personally I’m not a fan of putting perfectly good champagne in a cocktail, and only make champagne cocktails from the leftover remnants at the bottom of the bottle that nobody had the capacity to drink the previous night.

Similarly don’t rush out for strawberries if you have raspberries in the fridge already. I haven’t tried it, but I reckon blackberries would work well too. The drink has the potential to be pretty potent so if you’re serving it in a tumbler instead of a champagne glass, keep an eye on the amount you’re pouring out.

Strawberry tequila cocktail recipe

  • Tequila
  • Leftover champagne
  • Strawberries
  • Lime

Take four soft strawberries and chop them into small chunks. Place in a jug and muddle until all the juice has been released. Squeeze a quarter of a lime into the jug and sieve into a glass. Top with champagne.

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