Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday! I’ve just got back from my summer holiday – I took a trip to Rye in East Sussex and had a wonderful time. We took a day trip to Camber beach, wandered up and down cobbled streets and stopped for afternoon drinks in pub gardens. It was the perfect British summer holiday with the added bonus of actual sunshine.

I tried to stay away from the Internet so I came home to a huge build up of new posts in Feedly. I’m slowly working my way through them but for now here is a taster of what I discovered this week yesterday and this morning on the Internet.

An East London shop front that took my fancy

A fake tube train at Bankside Gallery (not quite as great as the tube train on display in Block 9 at Glastonbury)

Have you ever raced up The Monument? If you don’t fancy racing up it, try walking up it. Slowly.

I love this image too. ‘What seems ordinary today could seem extraordinary tomorrow’.

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