Sunday Selection


Happy bank holiday weekend to you all! As I spend yet another weekend at home, I’m writing the longest list of things to do in London when I’m able to get out and about again.

I’m trying to plan the perfect first day out so I’ve been thinking about what my perfect day out looks like – where do I like to walk? What’s my favourite museum? What shops do I miss? And most importantly… Where should I get my first cup of good coffee?

If you only had one day in London, how would you spend it?

While you ponder that all important question, here’s some stuff I’ve found on the Internet this week:

With more tube strikes expected this week, remember this is what the tube service looks like for those with a disability every day of the year.

London gets deleted with a giant photoshop eraser.

Scroll down, and there’s actually some valuable advice about how to grow plants and herbs in a city.

London property developments and unrealistic journey times.

A very old photograph of the London underground.

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