Sunday Selection

It’s felt like a long time since I’ve sat down to write a blog, compile a list or share some links. I have been so busy having a fantastic summer making up for lost time, spending my weekends away from the computer as I’m in front of it all week. I haven’t been doing anything amazing or special, I’ve just been living my life and spending time doing the things I love. Like catching up with friends, eating street food, visiting new markets, swimming in the sea, blogging in my mind and failing to tap my thoughts into the laptop.

Naturally I’ve still been reading lots; important, geeky and trash. My kinda mix. Here’s a few links I’m loving this week:

Secret Cinema victims treated for lack of perspective

The debate isn’t straight forward, but segregating Londoners doesn’t sit well with me

888,246 ceramic poppies surround the Tower of London to commemorate WWI

Interesting reddit discussion about where to live in London

2 thoughts on “Sunday Selection

  1. Josie

    I’ve just found your blog and having moved to the Caribbean for a year, I’m missing London quite a bit at the moment! It’s lovely to be reading about London. I’ll definitely be trying your Avocado spaghetti as it is now Avocado season here. I think I’ll swap the pasta for courgetti though! Josie x

    1. Carla B Post author

      I’m so pleased you like it, thanks for commenting! Very jealous of your move to the Caribbean though – is it as wonderful as it sounds?


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