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2015 hasn’t started quite as planned, but where’s the fun in that? I spent New Year’s Eve in bed unwell, and bar a little outing to work on Friday I’ve mostly been confined to the house.

It’s getting a little boring and I’ve found nothing interesting to watch on Netflix. I’m sure there’s tons of good stuff on there I haven’t seen so if you can recommend anything please do! I’d love a good documentary or otherwise it’s back to Jonathan Creek…

I’ve also been reading Marina Keagan’s The Opposite of Loneliness. Marina died five days after graduating Yale and her family, friends and tutors compiled her best essays and short stories for this book. There are a couple of essays that will stick with me and it’s a book I’ll be recommending to many of my friends.

No cooking, no exploring, no new exhibition openings (Wellcome Collection I’ll see you soon) but here are a few things I’ve been reading this week:

The geography of melancholy

Canberra is yet again named the most liveable city in the world – but would you want to actually live there?

This advert for luxury London flats is really getting on everyone’s nerves. The Independent quote Martin Amis talking about “sudden eschatology of the streets” in London Fields while all I can think about is the lead character in Don De Lillo’s Cosmopolis.

Not reading material per se, but I’m looking forward to this exhibition on homelessness in Victorian London.

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  1. Nicky Johnson

    You wouldn’t think it would be good to watch when you’re sick, but House M.D. is actually amazing to watch when you’re sick. I blitzed through a season and a half when I was off work with a chest infection, it’s that good.


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