Sunday Selection

A quick post today with minimal rambling and maximum content. The links I want to share are to some of the best features I’ve read over the last fortnight, so settle down with a cup of tea and prepare to be engrossed.

Suppose you’re on the average London salary – that’s about £28000 at present. Suppose you’re willing to pay out up to a third of your salary every month. And suppose you’re looking for a property with an average (median) rent. Here’s a map showing how many people earning an average salary would need to club together to pay the rent.

How expensive is it to rent in London – Diamond Geezer

The mayor jokes that Twitter has enabled them to eliminate the bureaucracy brought in by the French. “Twitter has created the society of the minute – very quick questions and very quick answers. We now do our paperwork on Twitter,” he says. “But this is an important point, because who values the work of the people at city hall? The street sweeper? The cleaner? We decided that everyone would have a Twitter account so that they could see that people value their work.”

Welcome to Jun, the town that ditched bureaucracy to run on Twitter – Guardian

Five American families, each harboring a grave secret, took their seats around a vast dining table at the home of David Bradley, a Washington, D.C., entrepreneur who owns the media company that publishes The Atlantic. It was May 13, 2014, and in the garden beyond the French doors, where magnolias and dogwoods were in bloom, a tent had been erected for an event that Bradley’s wife, Katherine, was hosting the following evening. The Bradleys’ gracious Georgian town house, on Embassy Row, is one of the city’s salons: reporters and politicians cross paths at off-the-record dinners with Supreme Court Justices, software billionaires, and heads of state.

Five Hostages – The New Yorker

Have a great week ahead.

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