sunday selection

Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday! I have had a lovely long weekend, including watching a beautiful friend get married on Friday. It was a fantastic day with some very funny speeches. That said, I still found time this week to spend far too long browsing the internet, so here are the results of my internet explorations this week.

Mason jar lunches

Simple and beautiful packaging

Hackney Wick signage

How to make Klava

Have you come across anything exciting on the internet this week?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Selection

  1. Donna

    I’ve been doing a variation of the Mason Jar lunch for years, only I use marshmallow cream jars because the shape is perfect for holding and they hold two cups so I don’t take too much. The thing that makes me sad, though, is the company that makes them switched to plastic jars so I can’t get any more of the glass ones. People think I’m looking at the ingredients when I pick up a jar, but really, I’m checking out the way it feels in my hand. Some day I’ll find the perfect replacement for my marshmallow cream jars. I hope.

    1. Carla B

      They sound like a really good alternative. I will keep my eyes out for similar jars and you will be the first person I tell if I find them!


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