Sunday selection: the tube logo, London today and Pippa Middleton


I remember the first time my dad suggested I visit the Kings Road for a bit of shopping. Back in his day, it was a great area to pick up interesting, quirky and often second-hand clothes.

Even ten years ago there were some great little shops. Today it’s all about the chains, from the high street stores to expensive brands. Independent shops are few and far between. It’s a great alternative to Oxford Street on a Saturday but there’s nothing original about the place.

Determined to find a charity shop we started walking towards Fulham. On our way we bumped into the ultimate Sloane – Pippa Middleton. It was really rather peculiar. I’m trying to turn this fact into an interesting story but there just isn’t one. It just felt like an event I should record in this journal blog of mine for minute taking purposes.

Weekend rumblings aside, here are some reads that have kept me entertained this week:

The history of the London Underground roundel

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Let’s turn street parking into bike lanes

Old London, new London

House prices – a Borough cartogram

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Image: Alessia Caudiero

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