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Cocktail masterclass London

I’m a gin or bourbon kinda gal, resorting to Vodka at a push on rare emergency occasions, so when Accor Hotels invited me along to a bloggers Rum masterclass last month I thought it was worth a shot (see what I did there?!) to broaden my spirit horizons.

If I’m honest, I’ve always been a bit funny about attending cocktail masterclasses. Maybe it’s because there are so many rubbish hen night ones with cheap alcohol and plastic glasses, but as an avid cocktail fan I never believed they could add much to my knowledge.

I am super pleased to say that I’ve found a cocktail masterclass in London worth attending. The cocktail masterclass at the Pullman Hotel in St Pancras was totally worth the trip; I met some lovely fellow bloggers, had a lot of fun and actually learnt a fair bit.

Case in point: when you’re making cocktails, always put the cheapest ingredient in first. That way you won’t ruin the spirits if you mess up. Smart, huh?

cocktail masterclass london st pancras

Before I ramble on, let’s get back to the cocktail masterclass. Above we have a photo of our lovely teacher, demonstrating how to shake a cocktail properly. She kept twelve of us on track after a couple of glasses of champagne each and some cheeky sips of rum. Bravo.
rum cocktail masterclass london

The workstations are really cute and super Instagrammable; just look at all the fun tools at your disposal! I had an inkling I was going to enjoy the masterclass when I saw an egg, lemon juice and vials of grenadine and red wine laid out ready and waiting.

rum cocktail masterclass st pancras

There were no budget spirits in this cocktail masterclass and I really did appreciate the variety of ingredients on offer. I learnt that there’s more to Rum than Bacardi and I had the opportunity to try some spirits and liqueurs I’d never had before.

cocktail masterclass st pancras

The space on the right was my working area, before I had a chance to mess it all up. The class is laid out really well so everyone can see the instructor and everyone has their own set of ingredients to use. I’m not sure if you can see it in the fruit bowl, but that bowl had everything in it! Limes, cherries, fresh mint, mango, dragon fruit…

bloggers cocktail masterclass london

We made four cocktails on the night. I’m pretty sure this one was a Jump into Guatamala (dark rum, amaretto, orange juice, pineapple and grenadine). The other cocktail recipes we learnt were for a Rum Sour, a Raspberry Espresso Martini and a Basil Pullman. The Raspberry Espresso Martini was my favourite ?

cocktail masterclass london

Here’s me and Emma (from Adventures of a London Kiwi) doing our best to keep our cocktail shakers from exploding. I think we did a pretty good job. Eventually.

I had a really fun evening but I guess the key question is whether I would pay to attend again – and the answer is a resounding yes. £35 for four cocktails on their own is practically a bargain by London hotel standards, and throw in a few friends and you have yourself a great night.

Thank you to Accor Hotels for inviting me along to the cocktail masterclass, and to Sammy for arranging it all. Special thanks to Attila Koroknai for the photos; let’s just say I’m not at my best behind the camera after four rum cocktails…