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Explore London with Fotoruta’s iPhone photography class

Anyone who reads this blog knows that my photos aren’t anything special. Unlike most lifestyle and London bloggers I don’t own a DSLR and have no intention of doing so. If I can’t master the basics no amount of fancy technology is going to save me.

Thanks to smartphones I take more photos than ever and I do think mine have improved since I got Instagram a few years ago. That’s the great thing about social media that we often forget; being exposed to other people’s work is inspirational and the more we see, the more we learn and the more we think about our own work differently.

My photography skills still leave a lot to be desired so for my birthday Alex sent me on an iPhone photography class (fellow Android users rejoice – these classes are for you too).

The Fotoruta classes are as much about exploring London as they are about photography. Importantly, it doesn’t matter how much you know about London or about photography either – the classes are small and there is plenty of time to ask your tutor specific questions.

On the day I met my group in a coffee shop in Camden. There was our tutor Jahel, me and a family of four. Usually being the odd one out is really off putting but it really didn’t matter that I was on my own. The family were lovely and there are no partner up activities to make you feel left out.

How well you know the area you’re photographing is irrelevant too. I’ve spent thousands of hours of my life walking through Camden whilst the rest of the group barely knew the place and we all got something out of it.

Before the day we were all encouraged to download specific apps. I’ve since learnt that this is as much about the camera functionality as it is about the editing options. One thing I really liked about this course was the focus on taking a good photograph; editing can be fun, but you need to understand what makes a good photo if you want to create something of value.

By the end of the Fotoruta workshop I discovered that what I liked to capture, and what I was best at capturing, mirrored my wider interests. I’m interested in the contrast between rich and poor. Old and new. Gentrification. Changing communities. Architecture. Juxtaposition. And (sadly) where better to capture that today than on the streets of Camden, one of London’s most diverse boroughs.

As you can probably tell I thought the Fotoruta iPhone workshop was great. If you want to learn more about photography so you can take better photos whilst out and about it is definitely worth booking yourself in for a class. Now for a few of my better photos from the day… Let me know what you think!

green building camden

A different perspective on Inverness Street

santander cycles camden

Having fun with new photography apps

camden town london

My 1000th photo of a building in Camden (probably)

street art camden london

Exploring the theme of loneliness

Check out more of my photos on Instagram and learn more about Fotoruta London here.

the blues kitchen bourbon

The Blues Kitchen, Camden

The Blues Kitchen is a fun place to grab some American food for dinner, and they have a huge choice of cocktails you can wash it down with. Their sweet potato fries are delicious – as are their bourbon based cocktails. They also accept tastecards, but be prepared to spend any savings you make on food on more cocktails – one is never enough when they taste as good as they do.

The Blues Kitchen is in Camden (North London), and they have live music playing several nights of the week. It can get pretty loud so go earlier rather than later if you want to get a good chat in with your dinner dates.

I might be wrong (we tried a few different drinks that night) but I think the image below is of bourbon, soda and lime. Which is delicious.

the blues kitchen bourbon

The Blues Kitchen on Urbanspoon