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The best slogan t-shirts

How great are these slogan t-shirts?! I’m yet to see a single one that doesn’t apply to either me or my friends.

My cousin has this as a sweatshirt. The first time the family saw it they loved it!

slogan t-shirts

This would make a cute father’s day gift:
slogan t-shirts

Reminds me of the Gilmore Girls:

slogan t-shirts

My fitness fanatic colleague would love this:

slogan t-shirts

This one has my name written all over it:

slogan t-shirts

You can buy the slogan t-shirts here

Hat tip to A Cup of Jo

Blair Waldorf wardrobe inspiration

I’m trying something new today with my first outfit post. As far as blog posts go it’s quite daunting, especially as I’m not in the habit of posting pictures of myself. But I love this outfit and the feedback on Twitter suggests others did too, so I’m going for it…

I saw this dress before Christmas and couldn’t resist buying it. The tartan pattern combined with the Peter Pan collar was too good to resist and I had the perfect heeled boots to pair it with.

The Catholic schoolgirl look isn’t the look I tend to go for but the tartan pulled me in. I finally dug it out of my wardrobe at the weekend for a girly afternoon tea.

This is definitely my Blair Waldorf on the steps of the Met look – although I think I’m in need of a headband if I’m going to make Queen B proud.


Dress, Primark; Boots, New Look; Bag, DKNY.