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London Fashion Weekend

As you know, I’m not much of a fashion blogger. I love clothes and experimenting with my wardrobe, but the closest I’ve ever come to blogging about it was with this Blair Waldorf inspired ensemble last year.

When the lovely Timea at LivingSocial invited me along to London Fashion Weekend, I thought it would be as good a time as any to get the camera out and shoot an outfit post or two. Surely I would have picked up a few tips by osmosis from reading so many fashion blogs day in day out?

nails of the day barry mIs a Nails of the Day post a thing? My favourite Barry M nail varnish in pale blue.

Not so much. I totally froze, I had no clue how to direct the amazing photographer (thanks Mum) and the outfit I was wearing looked shapeless and lackluster. It really made me appreciate the art of street style photography and I’ve learnt once and for all that nothing beats practice. Fashion bloggers, I salute you.

outfit of the dayOutfit of the Day: Whistles jumpsuit, Reiss jacket, Dinny Hall necklace

After a quick pit-stop in the gardens by Temple station we leisurely made our way up to Somerset House. This is what it looks like normally before the fashionistas ascend each season…

somerset houseSomerset House

It’s a beautiful building and one of my favourite places to see an exhibition (I last visited for the Mapping the City exhibition).

After handing our tickets in we were ushered into the fashion show. Ushered makes it sounds glamorous but actually it was because we were running a little late… The show we saw provided an insight into new season trends and I was thrilled to see plenty of flairs, suede and backpacks on the catwalk.

After the fashion show we went for a wander round Somerset House to see the brands exhibiting. We spent most our time looking at accessories and I had to exercise serious restraint. From quirky, fun and affordable jewellery to luxe leather bags that would last a lifetime, I’ve never had such fun window shopping. I discovered some creative small brands for the first time and it really reminded me how important it is to support the independents as well as the big brands.

We collected our goody bag, grabbed a London Fashion Weekend ‘special’ cappuccino and wandered around the perimeter of Somerset House, soaking in the sunshine.

london fashion weekend

London Fashion Weekend

After a final browse we decided to head off for a wander around Covent Garden. As expected it was rammed, so we walked a little further and found ourselves in Neals Yard. Although my wardrobe is all about the monochrome, nothing gives me more joy that bright public spaces. Just try walking through Neal’s Yard without cracking a huge smile.

neals yard covent gardenNeal’s Yard

Stomachs rumbling we stopped for lunch at Wild Food Cafe. We ordered salads (I’ve never ordered salad in my life) and it was delicious. Grilled chicken, quinoa, avocado… and a glass or crisp white wine. Spring had finally arrived!

lunch and wineWild Food Cafe

It was great fun and really nice to spend some quality time with my mum. Mother and daughter days out are just the best!

I was a guest of LivingSocial. As usual, all opinions and ramblings are my own.

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The New Yorker Magazine Beach Towels

I’m a big fan of anything related to The New Yorker, so much so that I wrote my dissertation on the short stories published in the magazine. I think I have a copy of nearly every book published about The New Yorker and it’s fair to say nobody does a front page cover like they do.

The New Yorker covers can be funny, witty and smart which is why I’ve added these New Yorker magazine beach towels to my wishlist this summer.

The New Yorker Magazine Beach Towels

new yorker magazine beach towels

new yorker magazine beach towels

Novelty beach towels – yay or nay?


The best slogan t-shirts

How great are these slogan t-shirts?! I’m yet to see a single one that doesn’t apply to either me or my friends.

My cousin has this as a sweatshirt. The first time the family saw it they loved it!

slogan t-shirts

This would make a cute father’s day gift:
slogan t-shirts

Reminds me of the Gilmore Girls:

slogan t-shirts

My fitness fanatic colleague would love this:

slogan t-shirts

This one has my name written all over it:

slogan t-shirts

You can buy the slogan t-shirts here

Hat tip to A Cup of Jo

Blair Waldorf wardrobe inspiration

I’m trying something new today with my first outfit post. As far as blog posts go it’s quite daunting, especially as I’m not in the habit of posting pictures of myself. But I love this outfit and the feedback on Twitter suggests others did too, so I’m going for it…

I saw this dress before Christmas and couldn’t resist buying it. The tartan pattern combined with the Peter Pan collar was too good to resist and I had the perfect heeled boots to pair it with.

The Catholic schoolgirl look isn’t the look I tend to go for but the tartan pulled me in. I finally dug it out of my wardrobe at the weekend for a girly afternoon tea.

This is definitely my Blair Waldorf on the steps of the Met look – although I think I’m in need of a headband if I’m going to make Queen B proud.


Dress, Primark; Boots, New Look; Bag, DKNY.

Holland Park London

Sunday Selection

Holland Park London

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend has been wonderful, mostly because the sun has been shining the whole weekend in London and I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Today I finally got my wish – an afternoon in one of London’s finest parks with an impromptu picnic and the Sunday papers. I also treated myself to a new bag and it went on its first outing today. I finally spent some money I got at xmas!

Pretty stuff aside, here are a few things I’ve seen this week:

Still have stacks of cassettes you can’t bear to part with? Put them to good use.

Like horror? Try this new book (by an author I went to University with – well done Tom!)

This definitely has the potential for everyday wear.

A simple recipe for espresso granita.

And a round-up of the London is for Living blogs this week:

VOC, Kings Cross

Short Imagined Monologues – I’m Comic Sans

Have a great week! Carla x

sunday selection

Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Happy Friday, does it?!

Although I’m mourning the end of another weekend that has flown by, I’m pleased to say goodbye to this week which has been long, stressful and emotional for a number of reasons.

On a positive note I have a million blog posts up my sleeve including another three restaurant reviews, some facts about your Starbucks drinks and a review of a new food product. Oh, and I’ll throw in a few bits and bobs about London too in order to remind you that I am in fact a London lifestyle blogger, not a wannabe foodie expert.

Here are some links I’ve loved this week:

Edgy and great light. Plus tattoos. I love tattoos.

London is tiring. And nothing beats a cup of tea, Somewhere in England

Walking in London

Finally, a reminder: The things you take for granted someone else is praying for

Have a great week ahead,


What would you wear to an interview with Anna Wintour?

Think about it. Seriously. What would you wear to an interview with Anna Wintour?

It ‘s a terrifying question. I have no desire to work for Vogue but this dilemma has sent my mind into overdrive!

I can feel Meryl Streep Anna looking down on me already. My wardrobe consists of a few nice pieces from high end stores that I found in charity shops and cardigans from Primark that I’ve owned for six years. The outfit that gets the most comments at work is a dress from Tesco’s (it’s surprisingly nice. Shocker.)

So what would I wear? My Joseph skirt (charity shop, £4) is too short and too tight. My gorgeous long-sleeve ‘vintage’ (my mum’s) black dress is just a little too… Black. And I just can’t tie the bow on my grey Hobbs NW3 dress all that well.

Nightmare. Now check out what these 13 people wore and report back with your own wardrobe options!

Pinterest Finds: Autumn

Autumn might almost be over but as the pavements are covered with beautiful leaves I thought I would take one last shot at celebrating my favourite season. It’s been a while since my last Pinterest Finds so I hope it has been worth the wait!

I love London during Autumn, when the mornings are foggy and there are golden leaves on the ground. I love walking down the street with the cold air pinching my cheeks – there is no need for blusher in this weather! I like eating soup for lunch and dinner and painting my nails a deep, dark red. Getting the nice boots and a winter coat out of the wardrobe (or treating myself to something new). I love the scarves, drinking in front of the fire in a pub, baking homemade apple pies and cosy nights in with Midsummer Murders on the television.

What do you love most about Autumn?

Source: tumblr.com via Wendy on Pinterest

Source: eatliverun.com via Carla on Pinterest