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Thoughts about riding in an ambulance

I recently broke my leg. Housebound and bored, I’m blogging my way to a clear mind. Read all posts about breaking a leg.

As soon as I fell someone called an ambulance. I wasn’t sure why (an ambulance is for sick people, not for a simple fall…) but during the 50 minute wait I realised that I would actually be going in an ambulance for the first time. This seemed kinda cool as I’ve always wanted to look inside an ambulance, and considering I was in a lot of pain the thought of a new experience was the only silver lining coming to mind.

Needless to say being in an ambulance was not as interesting as I had imagined. I guess it never is unless you’re lucky enough to poke around because your friend is a paramedic and not because you or a relation are in pain and on the way to hospital. I was lying down the entire time which also limits your ability to look around.

Almost immediately the paramedics said I had broken something. I guess the 45 degree angle my foot was rocking was a clue so they said I must be in a lot of pain and would I like some gas and air? The thought of gas and air sounded awesome – it makes you happy and giddy right?!

Apparently it works amazingly for some and doesn’t work for others. Despite inhaling deeply during my ride through London it didn’t help at all which was a shame. It would have been nice to have been light headed and calm whilst I waited for my foot to be reset!

All silly thoughts about ambulances and gas and air aside, the paramedics were amazing. I’d like to think I was a pretty good patient, all British politeness and bad jokes, and they made me feel really safe and secure after 50 minutes shivering outside in the cold worrying.

It wasn’t until I was in the ambulance that I began to realise that whatever this was it wasn’t going to go away today. As the engine started I remember the paramedic talking about holidays. I told him I had just booked flights to America, a trip of a lifetime, to see a friend who had moved there and… and oh my gawd it’s just hit me would I still be able to go?

Turns out the answer is no. I now need to stump up a few hundred pounds to change my flight because I can’t get a refund on the original flight. After months of saving it made me want to cry more than a little inside, but now I’m just grateful that my experience inside an ambulance was boring and peppered with the luxury of talk about a holiday, rather than having to endure the full ambulance experience that paramedics administer to save lives every day.

Afternoon tea – how do you eat yours?

When we were in Rye (yeah, I’m still going on about that) we decided that once the Royal baby arrived we would ‘celebrate’ with a traditional cream tea. For some reason we needed an excuse and that was the most apt reason we could come up with.

The baby didn’t arrive during our time in Rye. So on our last afternoon we tucked into scones, jam and clotted cream for no other reason than we really wanted to. On doing so we questioned the proper way to prepare a scone: is it the cream or the jam that goes on the scone first?

Help me out – how do you eat yours?!

Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday! I’ve just got back from my summer holiday – I took a trip to Rye in East Sussex and had a wonderful time. We took a day trip to Camber beach, wandered up and down cobbled streets and stopped for afternoon drinks in pub gardens. It was the perfect British summer holiday with the added bonus of actual sunshine.

I tried to stay away from the Internet so I came home to a huge build up of new posts in Feedly. I’m slowly working my way through them but for now here is a taster of what I discovered this week yesterday and this morning on the Internet.

An East London shop front that took my fancy

A fake tube train at Bankside Gallery (not quite as great as the tube train on display in Block 9 at Glastonbury)

Have you ever raced up The Monument? If you don’t fancy racing up it, try walking up it. Slowly.

I love this image too. ‘What seems ordinary today could seem extraordinary tomorrow’.

Summer Holidays


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sun graces England with its presence for just a little longer, as I’m now off on my summer holidays in good old blighty!

We’re off exploring the South of England and I’ll try to take lots of pictures so I can take you on a little virtual tour when I’m back. I’m not sure if I will be blogging while I’m away – as ‘the Internet’ is my day job I want to take a break from it for a week, but at the same time I love blogging and it will be nice to put the spare time to good personal blogging use.

If you have suggestions for where we should visit please comment below. Thanks to everyone on Twitter has given me such excellent ideas too!

Have a great week,


Image: Alex S
fizzy drinks

Exotic Drinks

I know there are far more exciting things to discover in another country than branded fizzy drinks, but a favourite part of a beach holiday abroad is drinking new flavours of iced tea and the like that you can’t get in England. How sad is that?! What other flavours should I look out for when I go away?

fizzy drinks