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Sunday Selection


Happy Sunday all! I hope you’ve enjoyed the glorious weather in London this weekend. I’ve eaten lots of barbecued food, watched too much football and cricket for my liking and played many a game of cards in the garden with a gin and tonic in hand. And here, of course, are a few London related things I’ve read on the Internet this weekend:

Just look how many new buildings were built in central London between 2007 and 2012! Yet still not enough housing for everyone…

Addicted to Humans of New York? Now there’s a Humans of London.

I’m always on the hunt for good Japanese food in London. This Reddit thread is my new list of Japanese restaurants in London to try.

London is apparently the selfie capital of the world.

I’m always thrilled to discover new (old) painted adverts in London.

Housing and Property in London: How to Spot a Housing Lie

I have been working in the property sector for a year and a half and, much to my surprise, I find it fascinating. Lots of column inches in the papers are dedicated to housing issues (many property supplements have been culled, but property and housing issues feature in the news more) and it is a topic everybody has an opinion about.

I read about ‘Generation Rent’ everyday yet I wonder how many people my age have even the faintest idea about mortgages, finance or housing. Without experience working in the industry I know I would not have the knowledge I have today. I am pleased that I now understand the market, policy and legislation, and that I can also identify a fake stat delivered in a reassuring manner.

As Minister of State for Housing Grant Shapps has delivered a fair share of porkies, and while he never lies outright (spin and inappropriate use of statistics is frowned upon) he does, perhaps, arguably, maybe MISUSE statistics in the standard come-to-be-expected politician way.

Instead of ranting and raving I am going to step down from my soapbox and direct you to a blog from the policy department at Shelter, explaining how to spot a housing lie.

Politics aside, everybody should be able to understand the numbers and form their own conclusions. So go take a read, and I promise I will be back blogging about frivolous matters tomorrow.

The Best Coffee in London?

A few Sundays ago we found ourselves at a loose end, and decided to take a wander around the City of London. With practically everything closed on a Sunday (although a thriving financial hub during the week, limited housing makes it quietly eerie come the weekends) we were happy to stumble across an open branch of Taylor St Baristas.

They make some seriously good coffee. I rarely get a buzz from caffeine but their delicious flat white really got me. There is little more pretentious than walking towards Shoreditch raving about the small and expensive cup of liquid in your hand, but at least neither of us were wearing a pair of skinny brightly coloured jeans.

Taylor Street Baristas on Urbanspoon