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How to throw a Girls themed screening party

In case I haven’t been rattling on enough, I broke my leg. I can’t put any weight on it so I’m housebound and bored out of my little mind. I work from home during the week but at the weekend… Well things needed to get a little more interesting than a night in watching Midsomer Murders.

How to throw a Girls themed screening party

Ever since Santa dropped off the ‘Girls’ boxset at Christmas I’ve been planning to have a few fellow fans over for a Girls themed screening party. With a little too much time on my hands, I decided to go all out with the Girls theme – or at least as all out as you can with one of your legs permanently propped up in the air. Continue reading

Everyone says they would have fought against slavery 150 years ago. Now’s your chance.

Each day WordPress and their Freshly Pressed function brings at least one gem to the table. Last Sunday I noticed a post called ‘What choices do I have‘ which I found suitably intriguing.

I’m interested in consumerism and find the internet to be a great source of inspiration, and the blog in question is just another of those posts that remind me to think once again about my lifestyle choices. There are so many more things about my life that I could change, and posts like this provide a nudge and encourage me to take another step.

This blog post led me to Slavery Footprint, a site that evaluates your life choices and suggests the number of slaves that essentially work for you. There are lots of interesting stats dotted throughout and the site is beautifully made. At the very least, taking the short quiz will highlight habits that you probably wish you didn’t have, and it might spur you on to start making the changes you need to make in order to be the person you want to be.

sunday selection

Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday! This week was manic, but I managed to read Nora Ephron’s Heartburn to take the edge of things. A friend lent it to me and it was rather enjoyable, and now I feel like a When Harry Met Sally / Sleepless in Seattle movie marathon!

I also went to Chicken Shop in Kentish Town for… you guessed it… chicken. It was rather tasty but I think I prefer the spice of Nandos! I need to catch up on a few reviews, so expect one for Chicken Shop, the Cinnamon Club, the Waffle House and Amico Bio soon.

Now onto my internet travels in the last week:

If you watch one thing this week, it has to be this amazing YouTube video.

For four years I had the best Easter / Summer job ever. Mostly because it allowed me to take something like this into work and not get teased for it…

Learning lessons from loved ones.

This is kinda cute. The Democrats are a clever bunch so I’m sure it was posed, but still…

sunday selection

Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday! Have you been watching the Olympics? Out of nowhere I have become incredibly excited about having the games hosted in my city. The increasing amount of gold medals for Team GB may have had something to do with that…!

The atmosphere in London is electric and I am loving every minute of it. Each night I get home from work and sit in front of the television for hours, catching up on the events. On Saturday we won a gold in the rowing. I was on the train at the time and the announcement of the result was made over the speaker. The whole train went wild – it was truly magical.

I went away this weekend to visit friends (but don’t worry, we incorporated the Heptathlon final into our Saturday night plans. Go Jessica Ennis! You stamina was an inspiration and despite the high heels killing us we stayed on that dance floor the whole night…). I came back earlier and caught up with the Friday links from A Cup of Jo, one of my favourite bloggers. Her links this week are awesome, and nothing I have looked at this week beat her internet finds.

With that in mind, here are some of the links I followed from her blog. You should definitely check her blog out too – I defy you not to find something you will love!

What sport would you compete in? Find your Olympic athlete body match.

Capturing your friends on film. Same place, every five years.

Chocolate yoghurt cake. Practically one of your five a day. Maybe.

japanese food feast

Japanese Food

A few weeks ago I briefly blogged about the night we made Japanese food. This was fairly new turf for us – apart from a small amount of sushi making my previous forays into this area have not been incredibly successful. Think soggy gyozas and wet tofu. I still can’t cook tofu decently, but we did make an incredibly tasty feast (tofu / pak choi disaster aside). Here are a few more instagram pictures.

japanese food feast

The feast!

homemade japanese food feast

Sesame miso soup

homemade japanese food feast

Vegetarian gyoza with sweet chili sauce

homemade japanese food feast

Salmon sashimi

homemade japanese food feast

Aubergine with spring onions and sesame dressing. My favourite dish of the night – incredible flavours!

Pinterest Finds: Hot chocolate bar party idea

Source: fetefanatic.blogspot.com via Carla on Pinterest

This is enough for me to almost wish away summer so the winter can come. Got friends popping over in the evening for a drink? With just a little effort you could have a hot chocolate bar waiting for them when they come in from the cold. And the leftovers will keep you going for weeks!

What you will need:

    • Mugs
    • Hot chocolate powder (or make your own from scratch)
    • Cocoa powder, to sprinkle on top
    • Mini marshmallows
    • Long spoons
    • Whipped cream
    • Those divine biscuits in the photo! (Anybody know what they are?)

    Pinterest Finds: Book exchange party idea

    As a literature graduate and all-round book lover, this is my ideal party. As for the invite… whoa. Could not think of anything better!

    Source: reidgirlshandmade.blogspot.com via Carla on Pinterest

    No explanation today from me on how to recreate – I’m sending you right over to the experts!

    Pinterest Finds: Milk and cookies

    I remember New Years Eve as a child. Not too well, but well enough to know that midnight would have felt a lot more fun and exciting if I was given one of these while the adults quaffed champagne. You know, as an adult I’m thinking this might even beat champagne as the best way to welcome in the new year…

    Source: google.com via Carla on Pinterest

    What you need:

    • Long shot glasses
    • Milk
    • Straws
    • Cookies (store bought or homemade – larger than the mouth of the glass)

    An optional extra could be a fancy tray to serve them on – the same type of thing you would use to pass around champagne…