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Sushi making class at Kuriya Keiko restaurant

Last week the nice people at Zomato invited me to a blogging event. I rarely meet any fellow bloggers so to do so, over food and cocktails, was an absolute treat. The bloggers I met on the night were interesting, entertaining and such fun to be around. Plus they didn’t judge me for photographing my food before eating it :p

plumtini cocktail kuriya keiko

We met at Kuriya Keiko, a restaurant and sushi making cookery school in Holloway. I arrived slightly flustered after train delays but quickly settled down with a plumtini cocktail. I was expecting a tooth decayingly sweet mocktail but the plumtini was sumptuous. I’m not entirely sure what was in it but it warmed me up a treat.

kuriya keiko cookery school

After we’d settled in Keiko welcomed us and invited us over to the cookery school area. We each received an apron and another plumtini, the consumption of which I’m going to blame on my rather messy sushi rolls…

It was the first cookery class I’d been to and I thought there was a great balance between learning something new and still having fun. It was a relaxed, light-hearted environment and I still managed to come away with a new skill. A lot of that is down to an excellent teacher and I’d definitely recommend the class to anyone looking for a basic understanding of how to make sushi.

sushi making class kuriya keiko

After making our first round of sushi rolls we moved onto the slightly more complicated inside out rolls.

tofu gyoza kuriya keiko

Keiko whipped up a batch of gyozas whilst we ate our homemade sushi and miso soup, then we tucked into the gyozas (veggie for me with garlic chives, cabbage and edamame).

Everything was delicious and we were also treated to a glass of Nigori Sake at this point. I’ve only ever drunk sake when I’ve sneaked a sip from someone else’s glass and I’ve never really enjoyed it. The Nigori Sake though… wow. It was unlike anything else I’ve tasted before and was quite a treat. Apparently it’s from Tsukino-katsura, the oldest brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto, and it’s exclusively served at Kuriya Keiko in the UK. Just one of the many reasons to go back.

tofu katsu kuriya keiko

After the sake we headed back to the restaurant area where dinner was served. At this point I was pretty full but managed to squeeze a few pieces of katsu tofu in. And some yuzu kosho chicken. And the best salmon teriyaki I’ve ever had. Needless to say I was pretty full by the time I left.

Have I said how nice a time I had enough already? I’d definitely recommend it as a cookery school and I think I’ll be heading back there for dinner the next time I’m in the area. Huge thanks once again to Kuriya Keiko for the class, fellow bloggers for a lovely evening and Alexandra from Zomata for organising the whole shebang.

Find out more about Kuriya Keiko here

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japanese food feast

Japanese Food

A few weeks ago I briefly blogged about the night we made Japanese food. This was fairly new turf for us – apart from a small amount of sushi making my previous forays into this area have not been incredibly successful. Think soggy gyozas and wet tofu. I still can’t cook tofu decently, but we did make an incredibly tasty feast (tofu / pak choi disaster aside). Here are a few more instagram pictures.

japanese food feast

The feast!

homemade japanese food feast

Sesame miso soup

homemade japanese food feast

Vegetarian gyoza with sweet chili sauce

homemade japanese food feast

Salmon sashimi

homemade japanese food feast

Aubergine with spring onions and sesame dressing. My favourite dish of the night – incredible flavours!

sunday selection

Sunday Selection

Hope you have all had a great weekend? I had a quiet one, although last night I put my cooking skills to the test and made enough Japanese food to fill the dining room table! There was salmon sashimi, homemade gyoza, an aubergine and sesame salad, tofu with pak choi and beansprouts, miso soup and green tea. Recipes and photos to come :)

For now, here are a few things that caught my eye this week…

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Pinterest Finds: Bento Boxes

Do you like Japanese food? I love it, and nothing makes a better lunch than a bento box. I love eating lunch in a Japanese restaurant as you get to eat lots of different types of food, and in terms of nutrition the bento box makes a lot of sense. You usually get a portion of meat, fish or tofu with balanced portions of rice, salad, dumplings and something refreshing like chunks of orange. I have never come across a bento box I haven’t liked!

Last year I went through a phase of making my own sushi, and the next day I would make up my own bento boxes to take to work. I usually filled them with a salmon handroll, cucumber maki, edamame beans and whatever else I needed to use up that was hanging out in the fridge.

Below are some great bento boxes that I have come across – for more ideas check out London is for Living on Pinterest.