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Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction at the British Library

I’m very excited to learn of a new crime fiction exhibition that will be held at the British Library between 18 January – 12 May 2013.

Classic locked-room mysteries, tales of murder and mayhem in quaint villages or gritty adventures on mean city streets.

Crime fiction, which currently accounts for over a third of all fiction published in English, holds millions of people enthralled. Murder in the Library will take you on a fascinating journey through the development of crime and detective fiction, from its origins in the early 19th century through to contemporary Nordic Noir, taking in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the first appearance of Miss Marple and the fiendish plots of Dr Fu Manchu along the way.

I’ve loved crime fiction since I was seven years old. There was a book in my small school library that I took out all the time –  I can’t remember what it was called, who wrote it or what it was about, but it had a dark cover with a street light on it. If that rings any bells please let me know…

I think the reason I’m drawn to crime fiction is because of the plot. I find it incredibly easy to absorb myself into a story and despite reading thousands of crime novels over my lifetime I very rarely guess who committed the crime.

Despite my love of this genre I had never read an Agatha Christie novel until October. I now visit my local library and charity shops at least once a week to stock up on the mysteries – they are becoming quite the addictive habit!

I’m always happy to hear of any great crime series, so please let me know if you have any to recommend.


Pinterest Finds: Home Libraries

Hey, it might not be every girl’s dream to have a home library, but it sure is one of mine. A room full of books, with comfy reading chairs in the corners and an old, sturdy desk in the centre of the room for hardcore research. In my library I also picture a record player with a stack of vinyls towering up from the floor. There would be a globe on the desk and a large window overlooking… something. Haven’t quite figured that part of the fantasy out yet…

Here are a few Pinterest home library finds to inspire you, but if you had a home library what would it be like? Old fashioned with a musty smell? Modern and minimal with lots of light?

Source: houzz.com via Carla on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Carla on Pinterest