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What are your favourite London bookshops?

london bookshops

London bookshops

My friend Katie now lives in Liverpool and I can’t wait to see her whenever she comes back to London. There’s just one problem – we have a tumultuous relationship when it comes to books. She loves heavy tomes and Victorian novels while I’m more of a short story / Twentieth Century kind of girl. Every so often one of us recommends a book and you never know which way the other will turn!

Recently we’ve bonded over a joint love of Khaled Hosseini. A Thousand Splendid Suns was the best book I read last year, and she bought me The Kite Runner for Christmas which I can’t wait to start. It was a special moment when we realised that perhaps our friendship could handle a joint love of literature after all :) And that’s why we’ll be going on a bookshop crawl together when she visits London next month!

I’ve never done a bookshop crawl before, but I suspect it will be a bit like a pub crawl, just without the hangover the next day and frequent stops for coffee and cake along the way. Now all we have to do is just decide which of London’s bookshops to visit.

Ages ago I compiled a list of my favourite London bookshops, but that was just an outpouring of love for London’s finest independents compiled from memory. This time things are getting serious.

We will only have a day to visit as many of London’s bookshops as possible. We won’t make it to all of them so I’m going to need your help – what are your favourite London bookshops? It doesn’t have to be an independent bookshop, all that matters is that you love visiting there. Maybe it’s the location, the interior or the staff that makes it awesome. Or, you know, the selection of that little thing called books on offer.

Any recommendations?

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