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5 things I learnt from the Women’s Equality Party manifesto for Mayor of London

london skyline mayoral election

The London Mayoral election is this Thursday and I’m yet to decide who I will be voting for.

This week I’ve been reading all the manifestos so I can make an educated choice. I think I know who will get my second preference vote (the one that ‘matters’) – but I’m keen to explore all options for my first preference.

The manifestos are rather glossy and fairly accessible, so if you’re unsure who to vote for it’s worth giving them a read. Sadiq Khan (Labour), Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Caroline Pidgeon (London Liberal Democrats) and Sian Berry (Green Party) are the four key contenders but there are a range of other personalities and parties on the ballot too.

One party that caught my eye was the Women’s Equality Party. They obviously have a clear ideology and I was interested to see how that applied to more conventional policy topics like housing and transport. It was an interesting read – here are five things I learnt:

  • Founded in 2015, the Women’s Equality Party has over 45,000 members and registered supporters
  • 45 years after the Equal Pay Act the gender pay gap still exists
  • 5,500 rapes were recorded in London last year
  • 28,000 women in London work full-time but still provide 20 hours of unpaid care every week
  • Enabling women to work the hours and jobs they want would add an estimated £70 billion to London’s economy

Sophie Walker from the Women’s Equality Party is not going to be the next London Mayor, but I hope throwing her hat into the ring has captured the attention of Sadiq / Zac so London in 2020 is a safer and more equal place for women.