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God’s Own Junkyard

If I ever found myself in Las Vegas again I’d bypass the hotels, bars and restaurants on the strip and head straight downtown. Home to some of the liveliest restaurants and bars (and the best fish tacos I’ve ever had), downtown Vegas is a place I’d happily visit time and time again.

At night downtown is all great cocktails and live music, but during the day you need to find entertainment elsewhere. That’s how we found ourselves visiting the Neon Museum, home to hundreds of classic neon signs. Our tour of the Neon graveyard was one of the highlights of my California road trip as it gave me the opportunity to learn about the history of Vegas through its iconic signs.

A million miles away from Vegas (but just a short walk from our flat) is God’s Own Junkyard, London’s own neon mecca. Located on an estate in Walthamstow, next to a gin distillery and craft beer brewery, you could say it’s a little off the beaten track.

God's Own Junkyard walthamstow east london

Chris Bracey, otherwise known as the Neon Man, created neon pieces for 37 years before sadly passing away in 2014. His work lives on and God’s Own Junkyard is home to hundreds of salvaged and restored pieces he collected over his lifetime.


From salvaged signs to vintage neon this Junkyard can’t help but make you smile. That flashing neon sign outside your bedroom window might irritate you but a room full of bright neon signs manages to put a smile on your face.


After two laps of Gods Own Junkyard (one to take it all in, and another to take photos…) we took a pew in the onsite Rolling Scones Café. They serve a surprisingly wide selection of food and alcoholic beverages, but we settled on a pot of tea and a slice of cake to share. The cake was homemade, definitely shareable and very delicious.


Quality of food aside, it’s definitely worth stopping for a drink just so you can sit in the cafe and take it all in from a different perspective.


God’s Own Junkyard is a museum of sorts and like most good London museums it’s free to enter and explore. Walthamstow really isn’t that far away so definitely visit when you can.