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Nordic Bakery Cookbook

nordic bakery cookbook

Earlier this summer I was invited to breakfast at the Nordic Bakery near Baker Street. The Nordic Bakery in Golden Square has long been one of my favourite places to relax in London so it was nice to visit another of their locations.

I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely bloggers on the day as well as Miisa Mink. Miisa co-owns Nordic Bakery, wrote the Nordic Bakery Cookbook and does a ton of other interesting stuff too. I have a feeling that if you want to learn how to use your time effectively to make it count Miisa is the person you need to speak to!

When I spoke to her over breakfast that day at Nordic Bakery it was just before my birthday and I must have let that little detail slip. Lo and behold, a signed copy of the Nordic Bakery
Cookbook made its way to me to celebrate and I’ve been celebrating with it ever since.

My favourite cake recipes so far are the Banana Cake and the Orange and Poppy Seed Cake. They’ve turned out perfectly each time which so rarely happens and the flavours are outstanding. Nothing is showy or overbearing, everything is just perfectly balanced and a delight to eat. I’m yet to try my hand and the bread recipes but I’m confident that if I follow the directions they’ll be a success.

You don’t have to watch The Bridge or be obsessed with white floorboards to enjoy Nordic food. If you’re yet to try any Scandinavian food please dip your toes in the water with a trip to Nordic Bakery. I heartily recommend (and am quietly salivating over) the herring and egg sandwich followed by a hefty cinnamon bun, all washed down with a strong flat white. You can visit with friends, but if I’m honest, the Nordic Bakery is most enjoyable when you just need that hour alone.