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How to throw a Girls themed screening party

In case I haven’t been rattling on enough, I broke my leg. I can’t put any weight on it so I’m housebound and bored out of my little mind. I work from home during the week but at the weekend… Well things needed to get a little more interesting than a night in watching Midsomer Murders.

How to throw a Girls themed screening party

Ever since Santa dropped off the ‘Girls’ boxset at Christmas I’ve been planning to have a few fellow fans over for a Girls themed screening party. With a little too much time on my hands, I decided to go all out with the Girls theme – or at least as all out as you can with one of your legs permanently propped up in the air. Continue reading

Pinterest Finds: Book exchange party idea

As a literature graduate and all-round book lover, this is my ideal party. As for the invite… whoa. Could not think of anything better!

Source: reidgirlshandmade.blogspot.com via Carla on Pinterest

No explanation today from me on how to recreate – I’m sending you right over to the experts!

Pinterest Finds: Milk and cookies

I remember New Years Eve as a child. Not too well, but well enough to know that midnight would have felt a lot more fun and exciting if I was given one of these while the adults quaffed champagne. You know, as an adult I’m thinking this might even beat champagne as the best way to welcome in the new year…

Source: google.com via Carla on Pinterest

What you need:

  • Long shot glasses
  • Milk
  • Straws
  • Cookies (store bought or homemade – larger than the mouth of the glass)

An optional extra could be a fancy tray to serve them on – the same type of thing you would use to pass around champagne…

Pinterest Finds: Coke float and ice cream station party ideas

Turned to Pinterest the other day for some party inspiration, and I found buckets of it. I’m not planning on hosting a party for a while, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some themed shindigs at some point this year!

Because these party ideas are just unbelievably awesome, a single Pinterest Find will be published every day this week. Be sure to let me know your favourites…

Source: sosimplyspecial.com via Carla on Pinterest

First up is this coke float / ice cream stand. Great idea for a kids party, but also a nice summer afternoon idea for friends.

For the coke floats you will need:

  • Long glass tumblers
  • Coke
  • Ice cream (preferably vanilla, but cherry could also work well)
  • Long spoons (for scooping up the ice cream)
  • Straws

For the ice cream station you will need:

  • Sundae glasses, or similar
  • Long spoons
  • 3 different flavours of ice cream
  • 3 sauces (I like chocolate, strawberry and toffee)
  • Toppings (chocolate shavings, sprinkles, candied fruit, brownie chunks, honeycomb)
  • Whipped cream
  • Cherries to garnish

Optional extras are pretty napkins and fancy straws! How fun does this sound?!


I’m not used to warm weather – is there a way to keep the ice cream from melting if it is out of the freezer? Obviously keep it out of sunlight but any other tips?