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The Best Coffee in London?

A few Sundays ago we found ourselves at a loose end, and decided to take a wander around the City of London. With practically everything closed on a Sunday (although a thriving financial hub during the week, limited housing makes it quietly eerie come the weekends) we were happy to stumble across an open branch of Taylor St Baristas.

They make some seriously good coffee. I rarely get a buzz from caffeine but their delicious flat white really got me. There is little more pretentious than walking towards Shoreditch raving about the small and expensive cup of liquid in your hand, but at least neither of us were wearing a pair of skinny brightly coloured jeans.

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Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice in Postman’s Park London

Postman’s Park is an emotional place in London. At the weekend it offers a quiet place to reflect, and the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice is a touching reminder of the acts ordinary people have committed in order to save the life of a stranger.

postmans park

postmans park

postmans park


Think this sounds familiar? It’s famous for appearing in the noughties film Closer.