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30 things I love about Winter

Happy December everyone! It is a slightly belated greeting because I took a rather last minute trip away this weekend, far away from Wi-Fi. But more on that shortly…

I love Christmas but was recently asked to explain why. I’m not Christian but living in a Christian country means that we have one day each year that everybody will have off work. That’s pretty rare and an amazing opportunity to spend time with your nearest and dearest.

But there is more to Christmas than the day itself. I love the anticipation and the little things that happen in December that make me forget about the cold, wet and miserable weather and the fact that London gets dark at 4pm. I could list loads of things I love about December and Christmas and have decided to do just that, hopefully for your enjoyment too!

Pop back to my blog everyday in December for one more reason why I love this season. Otherwise known as my little advent calendar of winter cheer.


Pinterest Finds: Autumn

Autumn might almost be over but as the pavements are covered with beautiful leaves I thought I would take one last shot at celebrating my favourite season. It’s been a while since my last Pinterest Finds so I hope it has been worth the wait!

I love London during Autumn, when the mornings are foggy and there are golden leaves on the ground. I love walking down the street with the cold air pinching my cheeks – there is no need for blusher in this weather! I like eating soup for lunch and dinner and painting my nails a deep, dark red. Getting the nice boots and a winter coat out of the wardrobe (or treating myself to something new). I love the scarves, drinking in front of the fire in a pub, baking homemade apple pies and cosy nights in with Midsummer Murders on the television.

What do you love most about Autumn?

Source: tumblr.com via Wendy on Pinterest

Source: eatliverun.com via Carla on Pinterest