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What would you wear to an interview with Anna Wintour?

Think about it. Seriously. What would you wear to an interview with Anna Wintour?

It ‘s a terrifying question. I have no desire to work for Vogue but this dilemma has sent my mind into overdrive!

I can feel Meryl Streep Anna looking down on me already. My wardrobe consists of a few nice pieces from high end stores that I found in charity shops and cardigans from Primark that I’ve owned for six years. The outfit that gets the most comments at work is a dress from Tesco’s (it’s surprisingly nice. Shocker.)

So what would I wear? My Joseph skirt (charity shop, £4) is too short and too tight. My gorgeous long-sleeve ‘vintage’ (my mum’s) black dress is just a little too… Black. And I just can’t tie the bow on my grey Hobbs NW3 dress all that well.

Nightmare. Now check out what these 13 people wore and report back with your own wardrobe options!

London Landmark: St Paul’s

St Paul’s and the Houses of Parliament are my favourite London landmarks.

Currently the thought of visiting Oxford Street feels me with dread. It is bad enough normally, let alone when the Olympics are happening! One New Change in the City, near St Paul’s, is a good alternative. There are several high street stores (including Banana Republic, Hobbs, Reiss, H&M. Topshop) and at the weekend they are empty! Perfect for browsing and leisurely trying a few things on.

We went a few weekends ago and took the glass lift to the roof where you can enjoy the view of London. You can only really see South, but the views are far-reaching; from the Shard to Strata all the way to Battersea Power Station and the Crystal Palace phone mast.

Afterwards we went for a short stroll to St Paul’s. We stopped for an impromptu and relaxed afternoon tea at the aptly named ‘Tea‘. I recommend the Monkey Picked tea, which is slightly chocolatey in flavour. As you can see, the view was pretty nice!

St Pauls Cathedral London